Special Offers

Special Offers

Why not take advantage of our great seasonal discounts.

April  Save 10%

April Save 10%

For many years now April has brought dry sunny days for the majority of the month. Although cooler April can be dryer, with more average sunshine that June!
The evenings will be cool, but with our ducted air heaters you will be warm and cozy.

April is a beautiful month for your event and at a fraction of the normal price!

Normal Price £2914 – April price £2623 Saving £291

The 15% discount for all of April applies to all layouts and configuration both large and small for items supplied by ourselves and excludes items hired in e.g. toilets, generators etc.

May 1st to 21st Save 10%

May 1st to 21st Save 10%

Early May, just before our peak season, usually has lovely weather with both day and evening temperatures starting to rise. Spring has been and gone - the trees are in leaf and colour is appearing everywhere. What better time than this to hold your event when the prices are lower and the days are noticibly longer.

Normal Price £3276 - Early May Price £2950 Saving £326

 The 10% discount applies to all layouts and configurations both large and small. The 'Typical Layout' shown is for example only. The discount applies to all items supplied from our own stock and does not apply to hired it goods e.g.toilets, generators etc.

September  Save 10%

September Save 10%

Dreaming of an Indian Summer – September 2016 brought some of the warmest weather of the whole year.

From the 4th to 27th September save 10%. The discount only applies to our own stock and not to hired in item e.g.toilets, generators etc.

Normal Price £3644 - Low Season Price £3280 Save £364

29th September to 16th October Save 10%

29th September to 16th October Save 10%

Still mild, often sunny and with 10% discount great value for money!


Normal Price £3990 - Late Season Price £3591 Save £399 

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