Introducing the all new Arabesque Marquee

The Arabesque Marquee is a brand new product and is unique to Premier Event Marquees. Please take time to read the information below which explains the outstanding advantages of the Arabesque over a Capri marquee.

For a number of years we used the Capri marquees and whilst all of our customers loved the style and ambience of the marquee, unfortunately the Capri was and still is beset with design, concept and quality flaws which meant that they leaked, were extremely draughty and even moderate rainfall resulted in the marquee flooding.

In 2010 we decided to commission a total rethink of the Capri marquee concept. Our objective was to design a totally new marquee which was the same size, shape and ambience as the Capri, but with none of the problems.

In the summer of 2011 the first of our new marquees came off the production line and they are awesome. With all our Capri marquees now replaced we are the only company that can offer the 'Capri Marquee Experience' with quality marquees that will keep you dry, that don't flood and are draught free.

The major differences are detailed below:

  • The Arabesque is made of a much heavier duty material which is not prone to holes (water leaks), will not rip in windy conditions, and will not require unsightly patches.
  • The supporting poles are made of 30% thicker gauge material to ensure they don't snap and collapse in windy/stormy weather.
  • The side walls are a perfect fit which eliminate all draughts and rain driving in through gaps - please see comparison pictures below.
  • The bottom of the side-walls are secured with ground bars rather than being left loose and flapping.
  • The fit and ground bar improvements result in 15% more space inside the marquee.
  • The Arabesque has an easy system of rolling up the side-walls to give an alfresco feel without the laborious need to completely remove the side-walls as was the case with the Capri.
  • Our patented system of connecting the marquees together ensures that there is no puddling or flooding at the joins which is the nightmare of the Capri!
  • The marquee fabric is 'easy clean' which does not become grey and grubby as with the Capri fabric ensuring a beautiful white clean surface inside and out.

All of these features are unique to Premier Event Marquees and give you an unrivalled marquee experience with total peace of mind that you will be dry, warm, and draught free.

arabesque Marquee

Perfect Fit. No Gap, No Rain

Perfect Fit. No Gap, No Draughts, No Wind

Perfect Fit. No Gap, No Draughts, No Wind

New Ground Bar Stops Draughts And Looks Great

capri Marquee

Gap at top lets rain in

Gap at side lets in draughts and winds

Bottom doesn't meet so lets in rain and wind

Old pegged side which rips, is draughty and looks a mess

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