Wedding Marquees

Our marquees are elegantly designed and crafted with the enjoyment and pleasure of those who will use them.
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Marquee Hire Elevates the Setting of Any Style Event

Individuals, families, corporations and associations are all adding marquees to their event or programs. They offer an ambiance of uniqueness no matter where they are used and the presentation of quality really enhances the appearance of any party.

The Convenience of Marquee Hire

One of the most appealing factors about adding marquee to an event is the fact that they are convenient in installation and an absolute pleasure to view. Many organisers of events or festivals find the convenience of location to be very accommodating.

We Cover Yorkshire, Lancashire, Leeds, Derbyshire & Hull

Schedule an event in Cheshire, Derbyshire, Harrogate or Hull and rest assured that there is a convenient marquee hire near that location.

Quality Products

Our Marquees are not to be compared with the standard units because they are customised to accommodate a variety of events regardless of how large or small the crowd may be. We pride our services on quality marquee designs that are built to endure the heaviest use and always available to service those near and far. Lancashire, Lincolnshire, Leeds, Nottinghamshire and many other areas are benefiting from the quality marquee hire that is available.

Add Style to Any Event

Marquee hire Yorkshire brings a bit of elegance and style to any event but is primarily used for gatherings of small or large crowds. Plan your next event with a marquee and your guests will be pleased and very comfortable.

  • Weddings
  • Festivals
  • Conferences
  • Family Gatherings
  • Parties

Our marquees are elegantly designed and crafted with the enjoyment and pleasure of those who will use them. Enhance the ambiance of any event with quality add-ons such as event marquees.

Tipi Hire For Any Occasion

Tipis are a beautiful, on-trend and truly unique addition to your special day, providing a perfect balance of striking exterior views with cosy but spacious interiors. Our tipis set a stunning scene for any party or event, and can offer complete versatility to make your memorable event even more extraordinary.

Creating unforgettable memories

Whatever you're planning, from a romantic wedding with the wow factor to a celebrity summer ball, our beautifully designed contemporary marquees create picture perfect memories that will last a lifetime.

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