Seating Plans

These are some of the more unusual layouts we have done. To view the more common layouts with details and costs please go to the Price Guide Page.
60 Guests, Bar, Dance Floor Catering
Small Dance Floor, Bar and 'Chill Out' Area
Chill Out & Small Dance Floor
70 Guests, Bar Buffet, Small Dance Floor & Catering
90 Guests Trestle Style with large Dance Floor
Small Dance Floor, Formal Seating, Chill Out, Bar & Buffet
100 Guests Treste Style, Bar Buffet, Dance Floor & Catering
120 Guests, Black & White Dance Floor, Stage, Bar, Catering & Reception Area
160 Guests Day - 250 Evening, Dance Floor, Large Chill Out & Catering
200 Guests, Black & White Dance Floor & Large Catering
150 Guests, Dance Floor, Stage, Bar, Buffet & Chill Out
80 Guests, Entrance, Reception & Chill Out , Dance Floor & Stage
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